Our Priority Sectors

Green Angel Syndicate investments should contribute to one or more of the following sectors:


Affordable, effective heating/cooling systems, controls and supply which deliver the required temperature at minimal usage levels (increased efficiency in energy usage) using 100% renewable energy.


Automotive sector to be powered entirely by renewable energy; with a 50% reduction in usage and vehicle population; to include domestic and commercial vehicles.  This requires the growth in walking, cycling, ride sharing in place of current car usage.

Water Security

Continuously circular domestic water usage to be achieved; continuously circular commercial water usage to be achieved; continuously circular industrial water usage to be achieved.


Cultivation systems to be developed that minimise water usage by introducing new contained processes which are neither water intensive, nor soil intensive and can reduce water dependency while expanding food access and availability; and that transform the current use of harmful fertilisers.


A circular economy is required in which the production of new materials, especially plastics, is reduced to zero.  This requires innovation which designs out waste. All materials must be capable of recycling or reuse, including and especially plastics and rare earths/metals.


Renewable energy generation needs support to extend electricity generation through wind and solar into heat generation by means of biomass, anaerobic digestion, and electrically powered heat, so that heat is 100% renewable.


Nature’s capacity to regenerate the resources upon which human life depends must be restored and maintained, so that species loss is corrected and the capacity of nature to control the production of vital resources is no longer compromised.

These require multiple linked technology and process innovations that enable profound systemic change from a model based on an industrialised economy, to a model based on environmental services.

The systemic change enabled by the technology and process innovations will fundamentally alter the capacity for human survival on a warming planet.  They are a means of adapting to as well as combating global warming in recognition of the fact that the force of nature is stronger than the human race, but the priority for the human race is its continued life on the planet.