February Pitch Event Review
14/03/2018 09:37
14/03/2018 09:38

Green Angel Syndicate’s fourth pitch event took place at the spectacular Taylor Wessing offices on 15 February, with a packed room of investors and five high profile companies targeting five diverse but highly essential areas of the green economy.

Here is a quick summary of what we learned from these businesses, which are all a perfect match for Green Angel Syndicate: businesses with exciting long-term growth potential, able to make a positive contribution to the economy, and good for the environment and for the people on our planet.

How Are Fossil Fuel Giants Impacting The Cleantech Sector?
08/03/2018 16:15
09/04/2018 16:12

It is neither new nor news that large multinational companies invest in innovative, disruptive start-ups. Examples are littered across the sectors including technology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. Similarly, in the oil and gas sector, mergers and acquisitions are a common, unnoteworthy feature, although their frequency can be used to indicate the strength, and growth potential, of the market. What is a remarkable feature of several acquisitions of the oil and gas giants in the last couple years, however, is the fact they have not been in the traditional fossil fuel realm, rather they have actively invested in (relatively) small renewable, or cleantech, companies.